Performance Rehabilitation | Active Health Spine & Sport
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Performance Rehabilitation

Each patient comes through our doors with a different set of prerequisites in terms of mobility, strength, experience, and injury level. Our job is to do a thorough assessment on not just the area of complaint, but educate you on the severity and nature of your injury or condition, and to help you understand your treatment options. From there our combination of conservative therapies will get you out of pain, and the road through performance rehabilitation can begin. We use a combination of joint mobility assessment and training through Functional Range Conditioning, in addition to strength and conditioning via kettlebells.

Functional Range Conditioning or FRCĀ® is a mobility system that maximizes joint health, mobility, body control and movement potential using scientific methods. The goal of FRCĀ® is to help you develop the necessary prerequisites for effective human movement. This involves using a systematic joint-by-joint assessment to accurately identify movement capacity at every joint in the body. The weak links in the chain can then be improved for optimum human movement.