SHOULDER PAIN | Active Health Spine & Sport
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Shoulder pain is a very common symptom for people who undertake exercise or weight training after a few years off. Postural stresses from sitting at the computer desk can stiffen the mobility and range of motion of the shoulders.

Upper Cross Syndrome is a common occurrence in populations that spend a lot of time at the computer. Due to constantly poor posture at the desk or computer, the head drifts forward into a forward head posture, the trapezius and pec muscles become very tight, and limit shoulder motions.


Treatment typically consists of a proper assessment into the root cause of the signs and symptoms. Shoulder pain usually presents as a by-product of poor mechanics and tight tissue. Chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation to the thoracic spine and cervical spine are used to improve relative motion in the region. Soft tissue restrictions in the mid back and across the back of the shoulder blades can be addressed with Active Release Technique. Finally, proper rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises in order to restore proper mechanics.